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At our church in Hamilton, we like to say ‘everyone is welcome’. Everyone is welcome to hear the truth about the gospel of Jesus Christ. Everyone is welcome to hear what the Spirit is saying to the church [Revelations 2:7]. Everyone includes all nations and every race. Anyone who is searching for the truth. Anybody with questions who needs answers. This includes those who have just began to make sense of the Christian faith or those who perhaps have gone a bit further to make a decision to accept Jesus as their personal Lord and Saviour.

We have put this together for you if you have recently given your life to Christ and you are wondering what next or where do I go from here? This is also for those who aren’t quite there yet but are searching for answers. One truth about finding answers is that one must look in the right places. If you need clothes, you don’t go to a tool shop.

You may also find this resource helpful if you are trying to find your way back to your Christian faith or have been out of the church for a long time.

To grow in Christ and of course in the Christian faith, one should;

  • Read the bible daily
  • Pray to God (in the name of Jesus) daily
  • Attend your church regularly

Read the Bible:

Reading the bible daily is always a great place to start. When you read your bible, you are laying a solid foundation for your new found faith to be built on. The bible is no ordinary book. It’s alive [Hebrews 4:12] and it has the power to transform lives and to change situations. Someone once said the bible is the only book in the world that the author comes to dwell with the reader who constantly spends time reading it. I find this statement powerful because it gives a sense of the fact that Christianity is about a personal relationship with God.

There are no rules about reading the bible. You can open it and start reading from any part of it. I recommend a devotional as it helps you get into a rhythm and also good for cultivating a daily routine. Devotionals recommend bible passages to read and also provide applicable explanations or real life scenarios to help the reader understand the bible better. YouVersion and Biblegateway are great sources for devotionals. They are also two of the biggest online bible resources in the world. See links below for more.

Versions of the bible in simple terms are the different inspired approaches to translating the bible from the initial languages the books were originally written in. New Living Translation is one of many versions written in simple easier to understand language. The Message is also a good one as it paraphrases the bible with a conversational tone.

Casual English Bible is one of many online platforms that have attempted to paraphrase the bible for new believers. I wouldn’t recommend as a main study bible but it does serve a great purpose in helping navigate your early days.

I will also recommend that you find a good bible study group. This is when believers like yourself hangout to study and discuss the bible. You can do this with your friends or find out from your local church if they have any. Also, you can start one yourself!


The bible teaches us to pray every day. Prayer is primarily communication between God and man. Christians pray in the name of Jesus and it deepens your relationship with God. This is the time you can pour out your heart and make your requests known. God is everywhere and knows all things so believe He’s actually hearing every word you say; including the ones in your heart.  

‘This is the confidence we have in approaching God: that if we ask anything according to his will, he hears us.  And if we know that he hears us—whatever we ask—we know that we have what we asked of him’ – 1 John 5:14-15

Prayer makes the believer strong in faith. Prayer helps when you need direction in life or with decisions. Prayer makes God even more real to you. There are many reasons to pray. A good way to improve your prayer life is to also pray with fellow Christians. Many churches have prayer meetings and they are really useful in helping you maintain a strong prayer life. Never stop praying!

Go to Church:

The Christian life is also about being part of a thriving community. God wants you planted in His house (the church). The bible teaches us to fellowship with one another [Hebrews 10:25]. Find a bible believing church that teaches and believes in the truth. You can pray and ask God to lead you to the right church for you. He absolutely will!

Church is a place to worship with and meet like-minded people. You learn more about God and it helps you make better sense of life as a Christian. One of the benefits of regular church attendance is that it strengthens your faith. You also feel less ‘isolated’ especially if you are the only Christian in your family or amongst friends.

When you made that decision to follow Jesus, the Holy Spirit (the Spirit of Jesus) moved into your heart (your spirit). While it’s great to read the bible, pray and attend your local church, the presence of God in your heart is the best of all. That’s why you have that (unexplainable) peace inside of you. A void has been permanently filled. Nothing and no one else in the world has the power or authority to fill and completely satisfy that part of you – only Jesus can! The Holy Spirit is your helper. He’ll teach you truth and reveal Jesus to you and help you grow as a Christian [John 16:13-14]. Get acquainted with Him!

Welcome to the family of the Living God. Welcome to Eternal Life. Welcome to your Best Life!

Useful Links:

ALPHA Course: Really useful to finding answers to questions about your Christian faith.

Find A Church: For those in the UK. One of UK’s biggest local church directories. Good for helping you find a church near you.

YouVersion: This is practically bible online, devotionals (plans) and more. There’s also an app for mobile devices.

BibleGateway: Another online bible. Great for devotionals and helpful Christian materials.


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