New Life Christian Centre

Ian Buchanan

lan has been a member of Pastor Gordon and Lynne’s ministry for over 21 years, a born and raised Hamilton boy, he and his wife Kelly have 4 amazing children. His passion for youth ministry stems from his commitment to Christ which he made as a teenager and fostered a strong desire to share the Gospel truth to young people such as himself. Not such a young man now, lan nonetheless continues that same commitment he made to young people and Jesus! Ian graduated from Bible school in 2003 and has maintained a deep interest in teaching biblical truth from a historic and cultural context as such the youth ministry of New Life Christian Centre is a reflection of this, combining intimate moments of authentic worship with deep dives into the bible and discussing hot topic issues facing our young people today… and there’s also snacks. lan’s family has deep ties to the local community stretching back many, many years and has been blessed with a successful business of his own with which he serves the community of Hamilton and the wider area.